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Sterling Silver Ear Threads

Sterling Silver Ear Threads

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I love ear thread earrings. They are so light in weight, you might think that you forgot to put earrings on! These are handcrafted one inch ear threads. The wire and chain are sterling silver. I combined light pink pearl beads with peach-pink crystal beads. Don't worry about these earrings falling out, in the picture you will see the curved wire, these are what help to keep your earrings in place.

The straight wire at the bottom of the chain is what you use (same size as an ear post) to thread the earring through your piercing. You pull the chain through until the curved wire rests in your earlobe. The chain is also very thin and doesn't irritate you as you put your earrings on. The chain actually dangles behind your ear at 1 3/8". So why do I call them one inch…well I usually keep the front part that people see at one inch to one and a quarter inch.
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